Welbourne Milk Cup

Welbourn Milk Cup Parts

As part of your Rescue Deck system, Welbourne invented and manufactures the Welbourne Milk Cup. The Milk Cup system includes a feeder cup that provides piglets with clean, fresh milk replacer upon demand, and is an important part of the Welbourne Rescue Deck system because it allows piglets easy access to milk just as they would have in nature.

While it is important the that the piglets stay with their mother for two days to receive as much colostrum and initial nutrients as possible, smaller pigs can be then moved to the Rescue Deck and fed through the Welbourne Milk Cup.

Made from easy to clean seamless plastic, the patented Milk Cup has a special valve impregnated with an antimicrobial to prevent bacteria, fungus and algae growth. Piglets can push the valve easily and often for more milk replacer.

Wide Shot of Milk Cup w Piglets in Background

Piglets are quick to adapt to the new feeding system because they are attracted to the look and smell of milk. Milk is delivered to the cups from an outside tank holding premixed milk replacer. An important part of the success of this program relies upon good quality milk replacer. Another important aspect is that milk does not sit in the cups and spoil. Milk is always fresh and clean and available upon demand. The entire system is easily cleaned and managed.

Maximizing a pigs feed intake prior to weaning equates to faster growth rates. With the S&R Resources Rescue Deck and milk cup system, pigs can be sent to market much sooner. This means less feed and housing expenses.